What is Generous Listening?

Generous listening is a form of listening that hears beyond words, with both the heart and mind.

It takes time – and requires presence.

It shakes beliefs – and deepens knowledge.

It brings us to moments of revelation and insight, moments that fundamentally transform the way we connect with ourselves, others and nature.

To reach those moments one needs to get out of their comfort zone and engage with oneself and others with no agenda.

Generous listening offers reunion with ourselves and all living beings.

It is in this reunion that we find authentic connections.

Why Generous Listening?

We have been taught to get our messages across. But have we learned to listen to others generously?

When one talks, someone needs to listen. Yet listening is not easy. To do it deeply, one must overcome prejudices, fears and preconceptions. In a world overflowing with speech so many feel unheard.

We have an immense capacity to listen but often find it uncomfortable. Awkward. Difficult. Even boring.

Listening calls for openness to the unknown; a willingness to let the “other” exist equally within the “self.”

Listening is an invitation.

Listening becomes transformation.

The Listener
by Giuseppe Penone

22 May - 21 Nov 2021
Venice Biennale Architettura

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Who we are

Vuslat Foundation aims to make compassion an integral part of communication. If we elevate listening, we don’t only do it with our ears; we do it with all of your attention. And we hold space for someone else’s. This is why we believe generous listening is a chance for meaningful change. By lending our ears and owning our hearts. We all can elevate listening.